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Houzez Theme

Houzez Theme

Welcome to Houzez Theme – No:1 Best Selling Real Estate WordPress theme for agents, companies, and real estate professionals.
Houzez Theme is a WordPress theme specially designed for the real estate industry. It offers easy-to-use tools that will allow you to manage your agency’s content and listings while providing the best possible experience for your clients.

Houzez Demo: One-Click Demo Import

Simply choose one of our well-designed demo websites and replace its content.
⦁ Easy To Get Started
⦁ Pre-Built Websites
⦁ Highly Customizable
⦁ Page Builders
⦁ Elementor Page Builder
⦁ WP Bakery Visual Composer

30+ Drag-and-Drop Elementor Widgets For Real Estate

Houzez theme builder

Houzez Theme has a library of custom real estate drag-and-drop elements that use Elementor. These widgets will help you make a website that’s ready to be shown to your clients in a matter of minutes.

⦁ Search Builder Elementor Widget
⦁ Inquiry Form
⦁ Contact Form
⦁ Grid Builder
⦁ Listings Sort By
⦁ Listings Tabs
⦁ Icons
⦁ Section Title
⦁ Property Card v1
⦁ Property Card v2
⦁ Property Card v3
⦁ Property Card v4
⦁ Property Card v5
⦁ Property Card v6
⦁ Property Carousel v1
⦁ Property Carousel v2
⦁ Property Carousel v3
⦁ Property Carousel v4
⦁ Property Carousel v5
⦁ Property By ID
⦁ Property By IDs
⦁ Houzez Grids
⦁ Agent Grid
⦁ Agent Carousel
⦁ Testimonial Grid v1
⦁ Testimonial Grid v2
⦁ Testimonial Carousel v1
⦁ Testimonial Carousel v2
⦁ Price Table
⦁ Team
⦁ Partners
⦁ Post Blog Carousel
⦁ Post Blog Grid

Real Estate Search Builder

It is a web designer’s dream come true. The search builder is a clever Elementor widget that lets you design custom real estate search panels. This means that you can put together beautiful and professional-looking real estate search systems with just a few clicks.

⦁ Elementor Based
⦁ Display Search Tabs
⦁ Free Search Placement
⦁ Fully Responsive
⦁ Custom Fields
⦁ Styling Options

Advanced Search

Houzez Theme has the most powerful real estate search tool on the market, and with features like advanced search functionality and incredible filters, you won’t have to worry about anything.

⦁ Search Composer
⦁ Radius Search
⦁ Geolocation
⦁ Advanced Filters
⦁ Multi-select Options
⦁ Multi-select Options
⦁ Custom Fields
⦁ Sticky Search
⦁ Saved Searches
⦁ Search Positioning Control
⦁ Email Alerts
⦁ Customizable Colors
⦁ Search Criteria
⦁ Price Slider
⦁ Ajax Search

Search Result Page

Display an attractive real estate search results page with an array of layout options.

⦁ Page Options
⦁ Listing Result Page
⦁ Half Map Result Page
⦁ Saved Search
⦁ Email Alerts
⦁ Listing Templates

Real Estate Property Detail Page

The real estate property detail page is the most flexible real estate page you can find. You can show specific properties and customize them any way you want to, letting potential buyers know all about the features of each building.

⦁ Customizable Templates
⦁ Custom Fields Builder
⦁ Property Layout Manager
⦁ Custom Capture Forms
⦁ Agent Contact Information
⦁ Schedule Property Tour
⦁ Currency Switcher
⦁ Mortgage Calculator
⦁ Property Energy Efficiency
⦁ Walkscore
⦁ Yelp Nearby Places
⦁ Ratings & Reviews
⦁ Optimized For Mobile
⦁ Print Properties
⦁ Houzez Lightbox
⦁ Images Gallery
⦁ Property Video
⦁ Images Slider
⦁ Similar Properties
⦁ Property Stats
⦁ Social Sharing
⦁ Property Sticky Menu
⦁ Sticky Sidebar
⦁ Property Labels
⦁ Custom Property Slug
⦁ Property Expiration
⦁ Property ID Prefix
⦁ Property Description and Price
⦁ Contact Information
⦁ Property Map And Location
⦁ EU Energy Classes
⦁ Schedule Property Tours
⦁ Property Gallery And Media
⦁ Ratings And Reviews
⦁ Custom Fields Builder
⦁ 360 Virtual tour
⦁ Property Floor Plans
⦁ Sub Properties
⦁ Property Details
⦁ Property Features
⦁ Property Attachments
⦁ Private Notes
⦁ Optimized For Mobile Devices​

Listing Meta Composer

The listing meta composer is a solution that lets you build beautiful real estate listing pages for your apartments, homes, or plots of land with ease.
⦁ Drag-and-drop Based
⦁ Custom Fields
⦁ Listing Options
⦁ Custom icons

Listing Page Templates

Choose from 13 different real estate templates for your listing page with a variety of designs to match any style. These templates will allow you to display your property in the best possible way, designed by professionals and optimized for viewing on phones and tablets.
⦁ Half Map List View – Nav Search
⦁ Half Map Grid View – Nav Search
⦁ Half Map List View
⦁ Half Map Grid View
⦁ Listing v.1 – List
⦁ Listing v.1 – Grid
⦁ Listing v.2 – List
⦁ Listing v.2 – Grid
⦁ Listing v.3
⦁ Listing v.4
⦁ Listing v.5
⦁ Listing v.6
⦁ Listing Parallax
⦁ Wide Range Of Templates
⦁ Listing Quick View
⦁ Custom Icons
⦁ Powerful Page Filters
⦁ Manage Featured Properties
⦁ Manage The Page Order
⦁ Compare Properties


In the real estate world, it’s all about the user experience. Whether you’re looking for a navigation bar or an interactive map, you’ll never fall short of providing your clients with an enjoyable UI.
⦁ Elementor Pro Compatible
⦁ Mobile Side Menu
⦁ Transparent Navigation
⦁ Sticky Navigation
⦁ Color Options
⦁ Font Options
⦁ Mega Menu
⦁ Social Icons
⦁ Create Listing Options
⦁ Mobile Optimized

Customizable Header

Design a beautiful header that just works for your company with our detailed, easy-to-use real estate design suite.
⦁ Header With Google Maps
⦁ Parallax Header
⦁ Header With Video
⦁ Header With Slider Revolution
⦁ Header With Custom Slider
⦁ Elementor Header

Customizable Footer

Houzez Theme lets you build a footer for your real estate website with a wide range of features and options. This can be all sorts of things, such as links to your social media accounts, footer styling, or even the type of footer content.
⦁ Elementor Pro Compatible
⦁ Customizable Options
⦁ Color Options
⦁ Various Templates
⦁ Social Icons
⦁ Widgets Ready

Houzez Theme Page Builders

Create your realty website using Houzez Theme as a real estate page builder. No coding or design skills are necessary, just a few clicks will generate your perfect site the right way.
⦁ Drag & Drop Based
⦁ Elementor Page Builder
⦁ WP Bakery Visual Composer

Styling Options

Houzez Theme is a real estate software company that gives you the tools to create and engage with your customers. It offers all the features needed to manage your business, so you can match your brand identity like never before.
⦁ Global Colors
⦁ Navigation Colors
⦁ Menu Colors
⦁ Footer Colors
⦁ Search Colors
⦁ Custom Logos

Typography Options

Does your brand require your site’s fonts to be a certain way? Houzez Theme has all you need to make it happen!
⦁ Global Options
⦁ Heading Options
⦁ Menu Options

Lead Generation System

Houzez Theme is a lead-capture form customization platform. With Houzez Theme, you can design and customize eye-catching forms to help turn your site visitors into potential customers. Connect with Houzez CRM and your email inbox, and get started today with your real estate needs.
⦁ Lead Generation Forms
⦁ Contact Form Widget
⦁ Inquiry Form Widget
⦁ Real Estate Agent Forms
⦁ Real Estate Property Page Forms
⦁ Sidebar Capture Forms

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Build a reliable list of all your leads and customers with the Houzez built-in CRM for real estate professionals.
⦁ Leads Management
⦁ Inquiries Management
⦁ Manage Deals
⦁ Track Performances
⦁ Insight Property Data
⦁ Track Activities

Real Estate Agents And Agencies

Instil confidence in your visitors by displaying well-designed agent and agency profile pages for real estate.
⦁ Agent & Agency Profile
⦁ Ratings And Reviews
⦁ Profile Chart Data
⦁ Agents Management
⦁ Agent & Agency Listing Pages
⦁ Contact Information

Front-end Dashboard Features

Houzez Theme allows you to administer a real estate marketplace, coordinate agents, and accept property submissions
⦁ Real Estate Property Management
⦁ Insight Property Data
⦁ Frontend Submissions
⦁ Featured Properties
⦁ Favorite Properties
⦁ Saved Searches
⦁ User Profiles
⦁ Email Alerts
⦁ Invoices
⦁ Membership System
⦁ Agents Management

Insight Property Data

Gain an in-depth insight into your real estate site’s visits and see how your listings perform.
⦁ Charts
⦁ Traffic
⦁ Visitors
⦁ Locations
⦁ Devices
⦁ Referrals

Custom Fields Builder

You can set up your real estate website so it has the features you need, such as custom fields for each property. You can also customize the search panel to display the extra info you want users to see.
⦁ No Code Required
⦁ Unlimited Custom Fields
⦁ Connected To The Search

User Management

Houzez Theme lets you restrict access to certain features by creating user types and assigning roles.
⦁ User Capabilities
⦁ User Options
⦁ Custom Roles

Membership System

Houzez Theme comes with a sophisticated membership system that can help you monetize your real estate website fast.
⦁ Paid or Free Membership
⦁ Payment Gateways
⦁ Built-in Monetization System
⦁ Social Media Login
⦁ Email Alerts
⦁ Invoices

Receive Payments with PayPal, Stripe, Bank Transfer and Woocommerce

Houzez Theme lets you get paid with ease – no matter where your clients reside
⦁ Built-in Monetization System
⦁ Payment Gateways
⦁ Recurring Payments

Real Estate One-Page Website

Houzez lets you visually design single-page real estate websites with an easy drag & drop interface
⦁ Drag-and-Drop Page Builder
⦁ Unlimited Page Layouts
⦁ Navigation Options

Splash Page

Splash Pages may not be an engaging way to capture leads for your real estate, but it creates a captivating first impression to make them want to fill out the form.
⦁ Page Layouts
⦁ Styling Options
⦁ Navigation Options
⦁ Background Image
⦁ Background Video
⦁ Background Slider


Houzez guides you through the process of writing engaging content for your real estate website.
⦁ Blog Options
⦁ Masonry Layout
⦁ Default Layout

Integrated With Google Maps, OpenStreetMap And Mapbox

Houzez is a real estate website that comes with built-in APIs, making it easy to display the map that best suits your visitors.
⦁ Custom Maps
⦁ Google Maps
⦁ OpenStreetMap
⦁ Mapbox
⦁ Geolocation
⦁ Overlapping Spiderfier
⦁ Points Of Interest
⦁ Map Pins
⦁ Map Info Window


Let your realty website target the entire world – Houzez’s multi-language support makes it possible.
⦁ WPML Compatible
⦁ Loco Translate Compatible
⦁ RTL Ready
⦁ Customizable Translations
⦁ .Po and . Mo Files Included


Make it easy for your users to estimate the value of real estate properties by showing the prices in their home currency.
⦁ Automatic Conversions
⦁ Currency Management
⦁ Rate Frequency Options

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