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Flatsome Theme is a popular WordPress theme designed specifically for creating e-commerce websites and online stores. It is known for its user-friendly design and robust features that make it a favorite choice among business owners, entrepreneurs, and web developers looking to establish a strong online presence.

Flatsome Theme Overview

Flatsome theme demos

Certainly! The Flatsome theme is a highly versatile and popular WordPress theme, particularly designed for e-commerce websites and online stores.

It has gained a strong reputation in the WordPress community due to its user-friendly design, extensive customization options, and robust features. Here’s an overview of the Flatsome theme:

⦁ Free Lifetime updates!
⦁ WordPress 4.9, 5.0, 5.8, 5.9, 6.0 + Ready
⦁ WooCommerce 3.9, 4.9, 5.5, 6.0, 7. x + Ready
⦁ WPML Ready (.po files included)
⦁ SEO Optimised
⦁ Drag and Drop Page Builder
⦁ Online Documentation –
⦁ Supports Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE8+
⦁ Catalog Mode Option (Hide cart and checkout functionality)
⦁ Easy Updates using Envato WordPress Toolkit
⦁ Child Theme included
⦁ Demo content included!
⦁ PSD files and assets included

Flatsome Theme Demo

Flatsome theme demo

Flatsome Theme offers a variety of pre-designed website demos that you can import and use as a starting point for your own website. These demos are designed for different niches and industries, and they showcase the versatility of the Flatsome theme.

Here are some of the popular Flatsome theme demos:

Default Shop: The default shop demo showcases the core features of the Flatsome theme, offering a clean and modern online store design.
Fashion: This demo is tailored for fashion and clothing stores, featuring elegant layouts and product displays.
Electronics: Designed for electronic and gadget stores, this demo highlights the theme’s capabilities in presenting technical products.
Furniture: If you’re selling furniture or home decor, this demo provides a stylish and user-friendly layout.
Jewelry: This demo is perfect for jewelry and accessory shops, with a focus on high-quality product presentation.
Cosmetics: Tailored for beauty and cosmetics stores, this demo offers a visually appealing design for showcasing skincare and makeup products.
Sports & Outdoors: If you’re in the sports or outdoor equipment industry, this demo provides a dynamic and energetic design.
Food & Restaurant: Restaurants and food businesses can use this demo to create an appetizing online presence.
Wine & Winery: Highlighting wine-related products and services, this demo is ideal for wineries and wine shops.
Bookstore: Designed for bookshops and libraries, this demo offers a book-friendly layout.
Art & Photography: This demo caters to artists and photographers, providing an artistic and creative presentation.
Handmade & Crafts: If you create handmade crafts or products, this demo showcases your work beautifully.
Wedding: Perfect for wedding planners and bridal boutiques, this demo emphasizes elegance and romance.
Kids & Toys: Designed for children’s products and toy stores, this demo features colorful and playful designs.
Watches: Ideal for watch retailers, this demo highlights the precision and style of wristwatches.

Table of Contents

⦁ Flatsome Performance on Cloudways
⦁ Getting Started With Flatsome
⦁ Theme Design
⦁ Speed Optimization
⦁ Live Page Builder
⦁ Flatsome Studio
⦁ Other Features
⦁ Theme Support
⦁ Pricing and Plans

Flatsome Theme Performance on Cloudways

Cloudways-managed WooCommerce hosting is built for performance and reliability. WooCommerce stores hosted on Cloudways load faster and are easily scalable when needed.

Hence, this Flatsome WordPress theme review would be incomplete without testing how well the Flatsome theme performs on the Cloudways-managed platform – for that, I ran a speed test. Here are the results.

Getting Started With Flatsome Theme

The installation package includes several folders.
To add the theme to your WooCommerce store, you need to extract the zip files and upload them to the Themes folder. For this, navigate to Dashboard → Appearance → Themes. To find the zip folder, follow this path: flatsome_main → theme files.

Inside the main folder, you will also find a file called The developers have included this to help you create a child theme that often comes in handy when you want to change the CSS and retain original customizations.

After installing the Flatsome WooCommerce theme, you will need to activate it. Go to your Dashboard → Appearance → Flatsome → click “Activate.” A new window will open with the theme activation procedure; enter the purchase code you got from Flatsome.

Theme Design

Design is the make-or-break aspect of a website. The more creative your online identity is, the more you attract potential customers. It is common for visitors to visit well-designed websites just for aesthetics.
After installing the Flatsome WooCommerce theme, you will need to activate it.

Go to your Dashboard → Appearance → Flatsome → click “Activate.” A new window will open with the theme activation procedure; enter the purchase code you got from Flatsome.

Flatsome Studio

Flatsome Studio is a free extensive digital library with images, pre-designed layouts, and sections that you can simply import and use in just a few clicks. They are all organized into categories to help you find different website elements easily.
When importing new elements, you can open the studio and choose from more than 100+ elements. These are usually templates for important sections (price tables, logos, testimonials, banners, campaigns, calls to action, etc.).

Other Features

Why is Flatsome better than other themes, and what else can it do? Let’s take a look at its best features.
⦁ Design checkout pages easily.
⦁ Live search where visitors can find what they are looking for as they type
⦁ View products with a quick view of the category pages
⦁ Is a product on offer? Make it stand out with a sale bubble.
⦁ Add to the cart also from the category pages.
⦁ Support for the wishlist
⦁ Different layout options for category lists, including Masonry grids
⦁ Different filter options
⦁ Catalog option to show products without prices
⦁ Product images have QuickZoom functionality.
⦁ Various design options for the product pages
All in all, the Flatsome team thought of pretty much everything an online store based on WooCommerce would need.

Theme Support

Flatsome comes with excellent support. The documentation may not be as outstanding as some other providers, but you can always turn to the team with your questions (within the support period).

⦁ There are a few video tutorials on Flatsome’s YouTube Channel.
⦁ In the knowledge base, there is an extensive collection of articles.
⦁ If you don’t think that other people run online stores with Flatsome, you can go to Flatsome Examples to see different use cases.
⦁ Online support is available through ThemeForest.

Pricing and Plans

The cost of a Regular License is $59 on ThemeForest for one single site. If you need the theme on multiple stores or for multiple customers, you can get an Extended License that costs $2,950.

If you want access to a support extension for 12 months, the additional cost is $17.63.

Final Words!

This Flatsome theme review can help you select a suitable theme for your WooCommerce store. With Flatsome, you can build online stores with customized modules and theme options with relative ease. The WooCommerce integration is super easy too. However, this theme may not be ideal for beginners since there are many options to get familiar with at first.

A theme like Flatsome can facilitate your business operations and allow you to launch a professional-looking store even if you are not an expert. It is worth trying.

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