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Since its introduction in 2014, SmartMag theme has powered more than 45,000 websites and has undergone thorough testing on sites with millions of visitors. It is incredibly adaptable, high-performing, and strong in SEO, making it simple to create any type of website you can think of.

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Highlighted Features

  • 37+ Demos with Professional Design and One-Click Demo Import.
  • Rich snippets for breadcrumbs, article schema, and reviews are already included in the SEO-optimized version. Additional SEO improvements with the plugin for WordPress SEO by Yoast’s full compatibility.
  • With our special power, we’ve supercharged Elementor Page Builder to create outstanding pages.
  • Smart Studio: Pre-made blocks, sections, and layouts that can be imported with a single click for a strong homepage.
  • Smart AdBlocker Detection: This feature can detect an ad blocker and provide a notice that is optionally delayed, dismissible, and recurrent.
  • Distinct Mega Menus with a selection of three or more styles.
  • Login / Register Modal with Social through Trigger Link in Header
  • An incredibly versatile live customizer. There are countless alternatives and instant alterations.
  • Fully responsive means that every element works properly on every device.
  • Custom Archive Layouts: Power users can create their custom layouts using the archive builder.
  • WooCommerce Fully Integrated: Use the industry-leading eCommerce platform for WordPress to build an amazing shop..
  • Unique Dark Mode done right. Add a scheme switcher in the header or enable it by default. Customize colors exclusively for dark mode. Works perfectly for sports and gaming news magazines.
  • Unique Dark Mode executed flawlessly. Make a scheme changer available by default or add one to the header. Create custom colors only for dark mode. ideal for news magazines covering sports and video games.
  • Multiple Layouts: Posts, Pages, and Categories can be set up to have a right sidebar or a full-width layout (Custom Sidebars plugins are also supported).
  • Flexibility in Customization Customization options for font and color are limitless.
  • Thousands of Adobe Fonts are supported, in addition to 900+ Google Web Fonts.
  • All of the theme graphics are Retina Ready (HD) and scale wonderfully on high-resolution screens.
  • Right-to-left (“RTL”) If WordPress is set up to utilize an RTL language, it is supported and automatically activated.
  • Both WPML and translation-ready are supported.
  • 7+ Listing Layouts for Categories and Archives. Or create an endless number of bespoke layouts using our exclusive Archive Builder.
  • Multiple homepage blocks offer limitless variants and are part of the most adaptable and robust block systems of any WordPress theme.
  • A number of pre-defined spots, including the header above/below, footer above/below, single post before/after, and after X paragraphs, are where advertisements and custom codes can be put. Powerful Header Customizer to build your own header:
  •  9+ Elements to build your header.
  •  SmartMag theme Sticky Header to show the header bar of your choice, with scroll top intent detection.
  •  31+ Premade headers with one click.
  •  Colors, typography, and layout customizations.
  •  Build your own mobile header as well.
  •  Exclusive Footer Builder for unlimited custom footer layouts.
  •  Social Media Integrations:
  •  Sticky/Floating Social Share.
  •  Social Share the above article.
  •  Social Share bar below the article.
  • Add social media buttons to the header, footer, and sidebar
  •  Social Followers with Counters Widget.
  •  Official widgets like Facebook Like box are supported.
  •  Integrated Review System: (GUI criteria/review creator)
  •  Percent Rating Example
  •  Point Rating Example
  •  Star Rating Example
  • Cross-browser Compatible: Chrome, Safari, Firefox.
  •  Newsletter Widgets and Blocks:
  •  Integrated with Mailchimp. Custom code for other providers may also be used with their official code.
  • A huge variety of styling possibilities.
  • Available in the page builder as well as for sidebar and footer widgets.
  • 12+ Premium Custom Widgets that come in a variety of styles. Additionally, default widgets have good support.
  • Google AMP compatibility with an off-canvas menu and a fully functional appearance similar to the main site.
  • Features of the Advanced Category: In the Customizer and for each category
  • Set the color of the category that will be displayed on the menu and category labels.
  • Set a picture as the background for a certain category (for boxed layout).
  • Any of the 7 listing styles may be used.
  • Activate featured area grids to draw attention to content.
  • Choose a full-width layout or enable the right sidebar.
  • Infinite Scroll, Load More, or pagination based on numbers.
  • Alternatively, create your own layout with the archive builder.
  • With our own styling, Gutenberg (the new WordPress editor) is fully supported. distinct style
  • Control the image aspect ratio across all blocks and listings to display images in any ratio you desire, including 4:3, 16:9, ultrawide, tall, and custom ratios.
  • Infinite Scroll, the Load More button, or Numbers are the available pagination types. Blocks that don’t need to reload use AJAX on numbered pagination.
  • Mobile Off-canvas Menu with desktop activation and customizability.
  • Flexible footer styles with a wide range of style and layout options.
  • Beautiful frontend search overlay with Live Search to display results immediately as you type.
  • For performance, use the most recent Javascript and CSS enhancements.
  • Special performance characteristics and a complimentary performance manual.
  • Images with Built-in Lazyload.
  • High-performance code.
  • Our in-house optimizations, like conditional loading and preload.
  • Our exclusive post format, known as Multi-page Post Slides, allows both AJAX and standard page loads.
  • Auto-load the next article on a page with a single post that is compatible with Google Analytics and Ads.
  • There are infinite variants on 6 premade post layouts.
  • Included are multiple-page templates.
  • The header includes an integrated trending news ticker.
  • Support for Child Themes is provided for more complex customizations.
  • And a lot more.

SmartMag theme Utilizes The Latest Technology:

Your site must have a sophisticated design that functions flawlessly on all the newest gadgets without breaking the bank if you want to be successful. SmartMag theme is HTML5-based and functions flawlessly on both old and new devices.

Our responsive design has been enhanced for use on devices with smaller screens, such as smartphones. We are aware that touch devices require a different user experience, which is why the smartmag theme is specifically tailored to tablets. It not only adapts well, but it is also retina-ready. Due to the exceptionally high resolution of tablet and smartphone screens, previous graphics appear distorted and hazy. On high-resolution smartphones, the SmartMag theme, on the other hand, displays clear, sharp retina visuals.

You might be wondering how HTML5 can help you. The first is that HTML5, the newest web standard, is future-proof, ensuring the long-term viability of your site across various devices. Second, it equips your website with more modern capabilities, such as quicker audio players and responsive design, among others. Lastly, HTML5 seems to be popular with search engines.

We keep adopting new technology and issuing upgrades, all at no additional cost to our customers for the smartmag theme.

SmartMag theme Is Usability Optimized and Tested By Real People

What utility is a website if its visitors can’t find what they need? Imagine a pattern that draws your attention to the proper spot. Using the SmartMag theme’s suggested layout, a flawless visual hierarchy can subtly direct your users’ eyes.

We have developed a structure that better handles the patterns using some of the most well-known usability facts, such as the fact that consumers read in an F-shaped pattern. For instance, the featured area (above the fold) in the demo is the first part and displays your site’s most crucial material. The most recent highlights are rapidly followed by a higher visual appeal. Utilizing widely used design principles like closeness, contrast, and others, we have produced the most useful visual

Finally, during the site-building process, the SmartMag theme was evaluated by a large number of inexperienced users, and it was continually enhanced based on the input.

SmartMag theme Gives Free Updates For Life and Everything’s Unlimited

Imagine having a product with ongoing access to free performance and feature upgrades, new modern features, and feature additions. Without any renewal costs, even years from now! Yes, you only need to pay once with SmartMag to receive free updates forever. Is there anything greater than this?

SmartMag theme Is Honestly Endless—no end to updates. Support tickets are limitless. Abundant Flexibility. Countless Posts. Numerous pages. Unlimited evaluations. endless sidebars. Numerous galleries. No end to the videos. With SmartMag, there is absolutely no end to what you can accomplish.

You Aren’t On Your Own. We Are Here to Help

SmartMag theme makes site creation straightforward, but human error might occasionally cause you to run into difficulties. Thankfully, the SmartMag theme offers first-rate service. You’ll be surprised by how much time and effort we put into each response. It is usual practice to provide step-by-step instructions and visual explanations using graphics.

Support for the SmartMag theme is a real blessing for developers. We not only correctly point you for any complex modification, but we frequently even provide complimentary recommendations for specific CSS edits.

Anytime you are in trouble, you can rely on us to save the day. You aren’t even required to read the entire instructions. No assumptions are ever made; if you require assistance, we support and direct you. But don’t just believe what we say.

SmartMag theme Uses The Latest Search Engine Optimization Best Practices

A perfect website cannot be created on its own. Why maintain a website that no one visits? You want visitors to your website. To help you rank higher than your rivals, SmartMag employs the most cutting-edge and effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

Search Engine bots will certainly adore your site thanks to the clear, semantic HTML5 code and clever hierarchical design architecture. Additionally, the SmartMag theme takes advantage of Rich Schemas from, including author images, ratings, and breadcrumbs. These aid in improving the credibility of your website’s appearance in search results.

We went to industry experts like Yoast, the #1 WordPress SEO plugin with over 8 million downloads since we believe you deserve to have the most excellent SEO possible. Integrating and testing the top products in the sector

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