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Over 20 pre-made layouts are included with the Divi theme right out of the box. You may utilize these lovely layouts to kick off your new projects and create new pages in a couple of minutes. Once you have loaded them and changed the content, you are ready to go. They are also a fantastic method for brand-new clients to become familiar with Divi Builder.

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The most versatile WordPress theme and visual page builder available today is Divi by ElegantThemes. It uses the Divi Builder, a front-end editor that is unlike anything you have ever seen before and is exceptionally quick and intuitive. It will permanently alter the way you create websites.

You can store your own pre-made Divi Layouts in your Divi Library for later use and have them automatically loaded on new pages. Create a library of your preferred layouts and use them to cut hours off of upcoming client jobs. It’s like having a topic that encompasses hundreds.

With the Divi Builder, you can export and import new layouts into fresh Divi websites. Numerous gorgeous layouts have been produced by developers, which you can download from blogs and install on your website. The Divi community is also booming, with plenty of fantastic premium and free Divi Builder layouts. It’s a fantastic development for WordPress website creators.

Some Important Points

Real-time drafting. Everything is updated immediately as you make a change to your page, right in front of your eyes. Create immediately.

Make everything unique. Each component can be completely changed. Fonts, colors, sizing, spacing, and even custom CSS can all be changed.

Organize Easily. Add a new row, select a variety of column types, and everything will automatically fit together properly.

46 content components. There are 46 different content elements in the Divi theme. You can combine, match, and construct just about anything.
Almost no loading at all. The Divi theme moves quite quickly. It takes almost any loading at all and no page refreshing.

Simply click and type. No settings panel needs to be opened to add text content. Simply click on your page and begin to type.

Flexible editing. Enjoy real-time responsive previews and make personalized adjustments to particular mobile breakpoints.

Worldwide Elements. synchronize global objects between different pages. Once updated, they are updated globally. wonderful for footers.

Export and import. Layouts can be saved to your library for future use. Download, share, export, and import layouts from the internet.

ready-made designs. Utilize one of the builder’s more than 20 pre-made layouts to kickstart your creative process.

How can I get Divi Theme 4.22.1, the Ultimate Multi-Purpose Theme?

Register on the website, then top off your points balance, to download Divi Theme – Ultimate Multi-Purpose Theme. Please review our terms and conditions on this page before making a purchase: https://wpnull.org/en/terms.

Go to the product page select Download for x points and Download one at a time after signing up and replenishing your points balance. Following that, a direct link will instantly begin the download. After the purchase, the download link will be accessible for 5 days.

Please be aware that our site uses points rather than money, therefore you are buying the most recent edition of the digital product without the possibility of upgrading. In the future, you can always use your point balance to get product updates.

Please read the frequently asked questions on this page first if you need assistance: https://wpnull.org/faq. You can open a support ticket on the website to request technical support or other assistance with the product: in the Support section of the main menu.

Some features:-

divi theme
  • Style by Hover State

You may turn Divi theme modules into delightful hover effects and entertaining, interactive features by using hover settings. Our hover option user interface is distinctive and simple to use. Every Divi design setting that allows for transitions may now be easily modified when the cursor hovers over it.

  • Flexible Editing

With Divi, creating responsive websites is simple. Divi theme offers comprehensive control over every design setting on any mobile device in addition to its responsive design by default. The appearance of each piece on PCs, tablets, and mobile devices may be precisely customized thanks to thisFonts & Text Styling
Enjoy a wide selection of text and font choices. Select one of the many web fonts available or upload your own. Text sizes, letter spacing, and line height can all be changed. Modify text styling and font weights. Control all common text components, including block quotes, lists, and anchor links.

  • Shape Dividers

Create dynamic transitions between content blocks on your sites by adding personalized shapes and effects. This will give your website an extra touch of personality. Shape Dividers can be added above and below each component of your website, making it simple to create beautiful transition effects between them.

  • Border Choices

Use the versatile border editor in the Divi theme to add borders to any element. Make the corners rounded. By independently altering each edge of your element, you may control border widths, colors, and styles and produce distinctive effects

  • .Transform Controls and Results

You can use the Divi theme to change items directly on the page in ways that are generally only possible with graphic design software like Photoshop and Sketch. You can scale up and move components around is simple to skew and modify the transform-origin, rotate on three distinct axes, and move the transform up or down. Each transition is simple to do and comprehend thanks to the use of a very modern UI.

  • Expert Code Editing

Make use of a feature-rich code editor that makes creating and modifying code simpler and more pleasurable. Syntax highlighting, error reporting, auto-complete, color selection, multi-line selection, search, find and replace, and other features are among the features. Using the Divi theme code module, you can add your code to any page or apply custom CSS to any element.

  • Effects & Filters

Use a variety of filters and effects, including Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Invert, Blur, Opacity, and Sepia, to quickly alter and improve the appearance of any element. Utilize backgrounds to create beautiful design modes.

  • Shadows in Drop

You may give your page depth by making personalized drop shadows. The shadow’s size, position, color, and intensity are all under your control. They are simple to make, and no graphic design software is required!

Extendable Fashions

The extended styles feature in the Divi theme raises the bar for design effectiveness. You may easily extend an existing design style automatically to the desired position if you wish to utilize it elsewhere on the page or even throughout the entire website. Hundreds of items can be updated at once! Decide precisely which items and where your styles should be applied. Let’s imagine, for instance, that you’ve just created the ideal box shadow and style for your photographs, yet the page contains a lot of them. That look can be instantly applied to the remaining pictures you have!

Paste & Copy Styles

The ability to copy and paste styles between elements completely changes the game. Every piece in the Divi theme can be copied and pasted onto another. You can replicate a setting, a set of settings, or the whole design of an element and apply it to another element on the page. There’s no need to repeatedly tweak things in design settings. To paste, simply copy.

Color Magic Manager

Divi automatically stores your most recently used colors for quick access. Additionally, it shows your own set of personalized colors. Divi also has a special expanded color palette that uses cutting-edge color theory to provide you with a variety of recommended colors that will look fantastic on your page.

Replace Styles Using Find

You may rapidly make significant changes to your entire page, saving you countless hours of editing time. You can alter any design element, such as colors or fonts, throughout the entire website or just in certain places by using search and replace. Use find and replace across the entire document rather than opening up each element separately and repeatedly changing the colors. It’s amazing.

Custom Cart & Checkout Pages That Complement Your Website’s Style

You may create your own WooCommerce checkout and cart pages using the Divi theme. Divi theme has 8 checkout and cart modules, each of which you may create your own WooCommerce checkout and cart pages using Divi. Eight cart and checkout modules are included with Divi, and each one is brimming with design possibilities that you can use to tailor your cart and checkout experience.

A Flexible & User-Friendly Interface

The user interface of the Divi theme is unique. It’s quite flowing and unobtrusive. To design a workspace that works for you, you can reposition your tools and move interface elements around. It allows you to select the mode that suits you the best rather than forcing you to adhere to a particular UI convention. It will adjust to the size of your screen and never get in the way.


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